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Enhancing Students’ Cognitive Growth for Academic Success

Susan Joy College Prep in Woodridge, Illinois, provides courses and individual tutoring that help students excel in school and prepare for their college admission tests. College tutoring is also available. 

Our Services

Susan Joy Education by Design
ACT/SAT Boot Camp

ACT/SAT Boot Camp

Individualized ACT/SAT prep tailored to students’ strengths, weaknesses, learning styles, and processing speed. Boot Camp is a combination of small groups and individual sessions.

High School Excellence Course

High School Excellence Course

Dynamic instruction. Study skills. Complex thinking. Creative problem solving. Math skills. Reading strategies. Everything you need to thrive in school and be at the top of your class for college.

About the Instructor

Susan Joy holds a master's in education in instructional design, an MBA, MAT, is a certified cognitive skills trainer,

and is working on her PhD in education.

Adaptive Teacher

As an instructor, Susan enhances her students' comprehension by relating the materials to references that are familiar to them. She guides the students in all subject areas while nurturing their unique skills and learning processes. For Susan, adjusting her teaching style to meet the needs of the students is important to their success.

College Prep Specialist

For more than 15 years, Susan has been teaching students how to succeed in high school and prepare for college. Her knowledge is undeniable as she has repeatedly achieved perfect scores on the exam. She is also proficient in all areas of the assessment tests.

Academic Experience

Susan has five years of experience in designing adult medical education materials, including international live courses and online programs. She applies this effectively blended learning format to her individualized programs for high school students.