Peer Academic Coaching

We take pride in providing the most unique form of outstanding education, customized to each student. 

Cognitive Skills

Cognitive skills are the foundation of what students need to think and learn, to focus and remember, to read and reason.

 Study Skills

 Advanced study methods that can be applied immediately and used all the way through their college years.

 Logic & Reasoning

Critical thinking and creative problem-solving through a series of increasingly difficult hands-on activities.

Meet The Team

Peer Academic Coach

Lead Peer Academic Coach

Peer Academic Coach

Coach Testimonials

I love being a Peer Academic Coach because I really enjoy encouraging and supporting students through fun games like Spot It. I also love the fact that I get to work with my peers.

I wanted to be a PAC because I enjoy helping others reaching their full potential. I also enjoy socializing while playing games to help build skills for the ACT / SAT.

I enjoy working with the students on cognitive and problem solving skills through the games we play. I also enjoy working with people around the same age as me.

As a PAC, I really enjoy seeing students’ growth as they develop their study and test-taking skills. More than that, they become so much more confident in their abilities, and that always shows through in their progress.

I chose to be a PAC because I enjoy helping people out and also socializing. I think it is important to build leadership skills and also develop an understanding on how to work well with others while helping people. 

I chose to be a PAC because I love to interact with others. I really like talking to the students one on one every week and encouraging them to work their hardest throughout the course. 


We believe in preparing students to thrive in college and in their careers. To that end, we focus on skills that build strategic thinking and creative problem solving. We challenge students to innovate, to persist through challenging problems, to ask questions, and to collaborate.

Peer Academic Coaching models a way for students to to really think and learn as they work, not just complete tasks.


Why Us?

There are many options to prepare for the ACT/SAT, but we offer a truly comprehensive college prep program. Not only do we focus on getting great test scores, we want each student to be empowered with the skills they will need to succeed in college and in their career.

If you have questions regarding our services, feel free to call and see how we can customize a program that is just right for your student.

Are you interested in becoming a Peer Academic Coach?

We are always looking for great people to join our team.

Frequently Asked Questions

“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.”

― Socrates